What’s new in April? A brief review of the last few days


This month the AerospaceMBA program has been involved in many activities. Following the advice of the Alumni, for the first time the head of the program did attend “Aircraft Interiors Expo – AIX” in Hamburg (Germany) on April 2-3, 2019. Beyond the promotion of the program towards specialized journalists & aerospace leaders, this event offered the opportunity to meet several TBS & AerospaceMBA Alumni (i.e. Vishal Patil, Akram Troussieux, Julie Imbert, Stéphane Oliver…), friends from USAIRE, and to attend to some conferences (such as “Are airline business models keeping pace with the IFEC evolution?” or “Flying in 2025 – A holistic approach to passenger engagement“). Definitely the new trends of the industry were there (connectivity, passenger experience, cybersecurity, new tech, data analytics…).

On April 4, Vivek (Batch1 AerospaceMBA India) came by on TBS campus to share his views about the space sector and his future projects.

On April 9, the Delegates of the AerospaceMBA met MBA participants of Aston University in TBS facilities: a good opportunity for networking activities!

On the same day, Delegates visited Francazal Airport facilities (pls refer to this post).

They finally benefitted from an excellent conference by Mr. David Marey, Occitania Regional Director for AirFranceKLM and former head of Pricing & Revenue Management in AirFranceKLM group.

Finalizing the Specialized Track about “Aviation Management”, Delegates were both satisfied but also moved because for some they will not see each other for a long time. That’s probably why there was this sunny storm and this promising rainbow!

To celebrate their next move to Casablanca, the Delegates decided to share a drink.

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