Webinar – Association of MBAs – How to boost your career in the Aerospace Sector? – June 14, 2017

Association of MBAs  – “How to boost your career in the Aerospace Sector?”

The Association of MBAs run regular member events which are a great forum for sharing ideas, making new contacts and getting valuable insights from expert speakers. This series of webinars is focused on today’s key business topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship and career development presented by thoughts leaders in the business world. Next webinar takes place on June 14, 2017 with Dr. Christophe Bénaroya

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All experts agree: the aerospace industry has witnessed an impressive growth worldwide during the past few years, with major contribution from the civil aviation segment. In the same time, the structure of the entire industry (airline, manufacturing, MRO, airport, space…) has been tremendously modified (“open sky”, new players, new business models, new technologies, new segments & markets, first flight of several new programs…), fueling domestic and international passenger traffic. This overall industry growth benefitted from the availability of skilled manpower along with favorable business environment (investment, innovations…). Despite the plethora of opportunities for Aerospace players, most of aerospace companies are already facing and will face issues in their talent management. While highly skilled technical people are working in the industry, there is though shortage of trained, experienced aerospace managers with strong leadership and ability to fully work at the higher international standards. This webinar aims at providing first an overall understanding of the main trends shaping the aerospace job market in the coming years. The aerospace industry is fully experiencing VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Future leaders require much more than business knowledge. Tips and actionable recommendations would be proposed to speed up one’s career in the aerospace sector.

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