TBS MBAs Steering Committee – September 19, 2018

On September 19, 2018 took place at TBS the MBAs steering committee meeting. The board is comprised of MBA Alumni and employers, selected TBS faculty teaching in the MBA programs, and selected members of TBS staff. The board makes recommendations to the Dean and faculty on the MBA core curriculum.

TBS continuously strives to improve the student experience through collaboration between faculty, staff and students. Each MBA has ‘Delegate’ advisory groups (Academic Committees) which provide a forum for dialogue, feedback and proactive initiative throughout the year.

In addition, the MBA Program Steering Committee meets once a year to discuss the MBA program experience, make recommendations and provide feedback to the MBA Program Directors & teams.

The Delegates of the Committees also meet, irregularly, as requested by faculty and administration, to review curriculum innovation and provide Delegate input and perspective as needed.

Special thanks to Severine Kaci (Stelia Aerospace), Lionel Roques (Equip’Aero), Arnaud Violland (Safetyn), Cecilia Skroder (Navblue) and Michel Merluzeau (remotely in Seattle) for their involvement and rich contribution to current managerial issues and latest trends in their respective industry. Our gratitude goes to all of you, who managed to spend time with us and share their views despite their intense agenda.

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