Specialized Track “Space Business & Applications” – March 25, 2019 – Conference “Space Tourism” – 3i3S founder Mr Philippe Boissat & Mr. Boris Otter, cosmonaut.

In the frame of the Specialized Tracks, which have been boosted and enhanced this year, we’ve been proud and honored to welcome for a special conference Mr. Philippe Boissat, founder of 3i3S (International Independent Institute for Space & Satellite Solutions), and Mr. Boris Otter, cosmonaut.

The participants of the AerospaceMBA who have selected this Specialized track enjoyed the views, the insights and the experiences from both speakers regarding Space Tourism. Beyond the definition of the market, the conditions surrounding space flight have been discussed. Boris Otter shared his experience regarding the training of cosmonauts in Russia (Star City).

Boris is launching his Space Project on 12.04.2019 (what a great day!): going to Space this year and tsharing it by offering the chance to 5 Space Tourists to join him inside the Spaceship!

You can support his project here: http://bit.ly/2TXJSEd

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