Oct. 25, 2019 – Kick-off AerospaceMBA Batch 2 – NewGen

On October 25th, 2019 took place the kick-off of the AerospaceMBA program for the new Batch!

Dr. Marie Boitier, Associate Dean for Faculty highlighted in her inaugural speech the critical importance of the Aerospace sector for both TBS and the Region. For that reason, Dr. Stéphanie Lavigne, new Dean of TBS is committed to reinforce the recent strategic launch of the TBS “Aerospace & Mobility Cluster”. Dr. Marie Boitier welcomed the new Batch and introduced them to TBS, its triple accreditation and its highly qualified faculty involved in research around Aerospace matters. An introductory round-table followed enabling faculty and new Delegates to introduce themselves. The AerospaceMBA team, i.e. Marie Baudoin, Tricia Boby but also Julie Gueffier welcomed warmly the Delegates. After few introduction words about the mindset of the program, Dr. Christophe Bénaroya, Director of the AerospaceMBA left the floor to different TBS services:

  • International Student Office, Jennifer Fisseux
  • Delegates (Students) Experience, Vincent Belhassen
  • Library, Laure Labetaa
  • Escadrille, Marco Sancey & Mélanie Berthelot
  • CSR, Amélie Maurel
  • Sirius Chair, Prof. Victor Dos Santos Paulino
  • AerospaceMBA Alumni, Cecilia Skroder, Florent Rizzo

A buffet has been organized enabling to network with the above responsible and faculty as well as with Alumni and fresh graduates from the previous batch.

After this lunch, the cohort and the AerospaceMBA team enjoyed a tour organized by SoToulouse in the sunny city.

Back in the late afternoon at TBS, in the #Kube, the Delegates have attended a last session from Aérothèque Association presenting a social project the cohort will contribute to as community service in order to promote the cultural and historical capital of aeronautics.

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