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Interview with Ms Avril Yegi, graduated with the Aerospace MBA in 2016, and honoured with the “Best individual project” Prize for her thesis “Determining the factors that affect Maintenance Repair and Overhaul in Sub Saharan Africa and using it to create a future outlook”.

Why did you choose the Aerospace MBA? How did you hear about it?

My years of experience have been an eventful and exciting journey and excelling at each level is non-negotiable for me as I am a firm believer in being consistent and delivering on excellence. This industry excites me, especially being on the African continent where aviation is still untapped, where there are 1 billion people and where the economy is rapidly increasing. I believe that I can positively contribute to the success of the future of my organisation, my country and this continent. The Aerospace MBA would then be the catalyst that would allow me to fulfil this vision. In searching for the appropriate studies I required to support my career and personal development I engaged with previous colleagues that attended the Aerospace MBA together with research and comparisons with other schools. We concluded that this MBA would be the most appropriate fit for me as I was attracted to the bold subject matter and fast and fluid aviation industry.

Why choosing part time?

I am an individual that believes that results must be delivered immediately and work- life balance becomes fundamental in today’s fast pace domain where innovation, technology and social media all take centre stage of everyday life. Gaining a balance personally and professionally led me towards a part time studying option. The experience was delightful as I was to be able to study, while being employed and knowing that I will have a new qualification that will propel my career and transform my life.

What impressions do you keep in mind of your months in Toulouse and from your classmates?

When I started I was filled with incredible fear, fear of being away from home, fear of being around strangers, fear of not knowing enough, fear of being in a new city, just fear of the unknown. This fear was quickly overcome as the beautiful charming pink city Toulouse welcomes you. Toulouse became my home away from home.
My classmates were a diverse group that had a mix of different cultures, nationalities, personalities and characters. The journey together was dynamic, spirited and adventurous and as we connected with one another the learning for me was colossal as I gained so much knowledge in listening and sharing various and vast experiences. This involvement also played a huge role in developing and enhancing my own capabilities and my resilient conviction in what I can achieve and unravelled an entire new realm of undiscovered opportunities. It gave me an added boost in confidence to explore global treasures.

Have you professionally evolved after having followed the Aerospace MBA courses? Change position? Change company?

I am extremely excited to have completed the degree in September 2016 and now that I have extra time on my hands, this time will certainly be dedicated to helping my organisation from all my learnings, insights and tools that I have gained during my MBA. I believe the real work of learning is to lead and learning how to create value has just begun. I will keep my feet firmly on the ground and stay on course until my next journey. I am certainly looking forward to the global opportunities out there and I will undoubtedly be exploring the industry to see what awaits the next chapter of my life.

Would you recommend the TBS ’Aerospace MBA ? To whom? Why and what for?

For a global business management perspective that is internationally recognised that can benefit both aviation and non-aviation, I urge future leaders that want to make a global difference to become part of the alumni of the Aerospace MBA at TBS led by Christophe Benaroya and his team of faculty and staff. The MBA gives you an opportunity to engage, learn and share with leaders and the global giants in the aviation industry, staying on trend together with enhancing collaboration and cohesion and developing key relationships with key stakeholders. A global opportunity awaits you. I highly recommend this program to individuals with drive and that have a vision to make a difference globally as they learn, develop and share the intricacies of the unique ever changing aerospace environment. This was a personal journey for me that transcended me into a solid individual that has overcome fears and now believes that with focus and consistency, I can achieve above and beyond any expectations.

About Avril Yegi : Employed as a strategic projects manager at South African Airways Technical, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 41-year-old woman is an accomplished professional in aeronautics. She started her career as a customer services agent, became reservations and ticket sales agent, then airport operations manager before being appointed as a Strategic projects manager, in charge of developing, designing, implementing and monitoring the strategy that contributes to the shaping of the future of her organisation.

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  • As a magazine Editor in the aviation industry, fo me, it is quite revealing and exciting reading this piece. One gets somewhat moved by Avril’s renewed vision and ambition that have been trigger by the Aerospace MBA and experiences she had in the process.
    Looking at the huge opportunities in Africa as she said, one gets equally motivated to have a new look and hope on the continent and contributing to making the much needed change on the continent.
    I look to seeing Avril and indeed other contemporaries in the aviation industry work more cooperatively into the future of Africa’s aviation industry. And I know the sky is not the limit. Congratulations!

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