MCTP ‘team projects’ – Final oral presentations – Hub – Aerospace MBA – March 22, 2021

Now it’s time for the final MCTP team work oral presentations!

Great job and great achievement! Congrats to the Delegates. Beyond their findings, their results, their recommendations and work’s quality, we have been delighted to witness their personal transformations, and the relentless global family #AerospaceMBA mindset at work.

They have demonstrated that this is the perfect time for drastic changes & to seize new opportunities, far from unrealistic old fashioned practices.

The Aerospace MBA team is proud of you. No doubt, you’ll beat the Covid crisis and fly high!
Keep faith, keep being strong & resilient: you’ll outperform in this industry and in your lives!

A Chapter is closed, but our book offers hundreds of new thrilling pages.
Great journey, to be continued!
Rachid ASSYAD#MohammedKhalafHyriam Lord FANOU#BilalChebboSaga APPAVOUBassem TaljehBruno OKOGIEAbbas MoosaMajed SayedMauro Luquet DebatNibal Abu Saleem#MaryamAlMajedMohamad Ghadieh

JULIE GUEFFIERMarie Baudoin#SarahKartaliaChris CreedTricia BOBY

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