Family Day organized by Aerospace MBA Alumni – September 23, 2018

By Cecilia Skroder, President, Aerospace MBA Alumni Association

Alumni and Future Graduates of the AEMBA are invited to celebrate many things:


– The Aerospace MBA turns 20 this year (2019)!

– On 29 September, a new batch of Aerospace MBA graduates will see the day (kick-off on October 26, 2018)!

– Last but not least – our families who have stood by us during the great, but intense MBA year(s)!

The Aerospace MBA network will surpass 800 alumni this year. The Family Day is the perfect opportunity to come and meet with old and new alumni, and enjoy an informal and fun afternoon together. As a special thanks to all of our families, we would also like to make this a family friendly get together.

We will meet up at the Parc du Ritouret / ODYSSUD Park in Blagnac. It’s a green area with a playground for kids, as well as space for the rest of us to mingle and enjoy the fresh air (if you have cricket bats, “boules de pétanque”, footballs, bring them along!)

In the name of multicultural exchange, we suggest that everyone bring something typical from their country to share for a joint pick-nick.

The AEMBA Alumni Association will provide additional drinks and light snacks.


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