Eyad BIROUTI, Haibo HU & Dragomir VASILJEVIC attended a USAIRE Conference “Urban Air Mobility” by Jean-Christophe Lambert, CEO Ascendance Flight Technologies – 7th of Dec. 2018


‘We were fortunate enough to attend a recent Conference Luncheon arranged by USAIRE- South West with the support of TBS #AerospaceMBA, including a very interesting presentation by the CEO of Ascendance Flight Technologies, Mr. Jean-Christophe LAMBERT.

The subject of the presentation was ‘Urban Air Mobility: What are the operational challenges and opportunities’. Stuff of science fiction you would think? Not at all the case.

As presented by Mr LAMBERT, the technology is far advanced, and progress has been made with the overriding concern of regulations. Yes, there are challenges, with many obstacles to be overcome, but it would not be at all surprising if within the next decade there are air-taxis, in some form or the other, with perhaps Uber or Taxify painted on the side.

The benefits with regard to sustainability are immense, and companies the likes of Ascendance Flight Technologies are contributing massively to the future environmental solutions of planet earth with this ground-breaking eco-friendly technology.’

Author: Dragomir Vasiljevic – Pictures – Eyad BIROUTI, Haibo HU & Dragomir VASILJEVIC

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