eMindHub & TBS Aerospace community (Alumni & Delegates): Reinforcing and speeding up our partnership!

As discussed previously and agreed during Paris Air Show, we are very pleased to announce and/or remind to the TBS Aerospace community that the Aerospace MBA programs and eMindHub, a global network specialising in aerospace expertise, have signed a partnership that has now been extended.

The partnership provides TBS Aerospace MBA Delegates and Graduates and from now on any TBS Aerospace Alumni with direct access to a worldwide network of experts via eMindHub, the very first online secured platform dedicated to aeronautical and aerospace professionals. And for each one of you, Dear TBS members, this partnership provides an opportunity to join a community of 4 500+ experts worldwide.

Furthermore, in the frame of this partnership a circle has been created, enabling to promote and facilitate collaboration between members belonging to the TBS Aerospace community. This is a private circle available to its members only and includes a number of services with free options.

You can easily post requests and respond in ‘1 click’ to all the members of this circle for free, anytime you want, it is your private community.

To be part of the TBS Aerospace circle and the wider eMindHub network, we invite you to follow these two simple steps :

  • Register on eMindHub as ‘an expert’: www.emindhub.com
  • Request to join the ‘TBS Aerospace MBA Circle

The manager of this circle is Dr. Christophe Bénaroya.

Christophe will allow members access to the private circle, and you can contact him with any questions relating to the TBS Aerospace MBA activities on eMindHub.

If you have any questions relating to the eMindHub site itself, you can send a mail to contact@emindhub.com.

We looking forward to engaging with you on the TBS Aerospace MBA circle very soon.

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