Day#1 – TBS exhibiting at “The Future Tour” in Bangalore – Aeronautics & Aerospace – Ramaih College – RUAS

What the Future Tour is all about?

(source: Bonjour India – Institut Français en Inde)

Under the framework of Bonjour India, the Institut français en Inde is pleased to present The Future Tour – a series of thematic rendezvous between scientists, academics, companies and students from India and France focusing on areas of common priorities of India and France. The aim is to strengthen the partnerships through education, training, research and innovation.

Each Future Tour consists of two days of intense exchange.

  • One day is dedicated to bring together scientist, academics, faculties and companies to create new opportunities and leverage our strengths to foster partnerships. In addition, it gives enterprises both French and Indian, a platform to express their needs in a rapidly changing economy of India.
  • Another day is dedicated for students to learn about study opportunities, the French higher education system and industrial exposure in the specific domain of priorities. It also provides an opportunity to meet one-onone with the representatives from the French institutions and industries to understand industrial needs.

In continuity of the Future Tour, the Knowledge Summit –first high level Indo-French Summit on Higher Education & Research will lay out the roadmap for Indo-French collaboration for the next decade based on the recommendations of the Round Tables discussions held during each Future Tour.


Our presentation

Very inspiring and constructive speeches from the French Consul de France Mr. François Gautier and from Shri Priyank M. Kharge, Honorable Minister of IT, BT & Tourism, GoK.

Some outcomes regarding this round-table:

  • real interest in strengthening French-Indian relationships regarding training, education & research (in engineering but also in manufacturing and… in management & leadership)
  • necessity of further meetings & discussions to better assess the needs of the market
  • crucial to speed-up degree recognition in India & France
  • very important to create some scholarship funds and to ease mobility

Dr. Christophe Bénaroya, TBS Aerospace MBA has been selected to be moderator of the Round-Table 5.

In the evening, networking event at Consulate General of France in Bangalore

Next step: Knowledge Summit in Delhi

Toulouse Business School and Aerospace MBA will attend this Knowledge Summit that will take place in March in New Delhi with the presence of the French president Emmanuel Macron . The Knowledge Summit is the First Franco-Indian Summit for university, scientific and technologic cooperation. It will be held with the presence of the French president and the highest Indian authorities. The objective of the Knowledge Summit is to design a roadmap of Franco-Indian cooperation for the next five years, in collaboration with companies. During the event, the Franco-Indian agreement regarding bilateral acknowledgement of degrees will be co-signed and the creation of the Franco-Indian fund for Education to improve the mobility between the two countries will be created.

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