Casablanca (Morocco): First time ever the AerospaceMBA Delegates are moving in this booming aerospace ecosystem!


From April 15 up to April 26, 2019 the AerospaceMBA Delegates (LongHaul) are attending the third Specialized Track about “Aerospace Value Chain” in Casablanca (Moroccco). Staying mainly on the TBS campus, the Delegates will also get lectures and visits in companies’ facilities (Royal Air Maroc, Collins Aerospace, Latécoère…).

On this specialized track, participants will be able to assess, understand and establish a comprehensive view of the Aerospace value chain’s current and future challenges and opportunities. This will allow participants to define a blueprint of value chain strategies, optimize the extended value chain to deliver more for less, create valuable multi-win solutions and integrate new industrial and process technologies in an upcoming competitive market.


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