From Nov. 13 to Nov. 17, 2019 took place “Salon Auto Moto & Mobilités” in Toulouse, Parc des Expositions (Exhibition Center). Toulouse is indeed a major European city regarding autonomous, shared, connected & electric and future transportation. TBS in the frame of its “Aerospace & Mobility” cluster took part to this event, attending the 2nd edition of the International Forum of Mobility & Innovation “Get Inspired” organized by Jean-Luc Maté (Automotech). Several automotive leaders and experts from Canada, Germany, China, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium discussed MaaS (Mobility as a Service). In addition, several students from #bachelor program of TBS gave a hand to the organizer of the event. Overall, TBS students have been invited along with their colleagues from Engineering School to “MonJob@FuturAuto”, a meeting day on Thursday 14th of Nov. aiming at explaining all job opportunities related to the new trends and thrilling promised regarding transportation.

This eye-opening event in Toulouse demonstrated the utmost importance of a systemic solution for a highly complex transportation issue: mobility must be sustainably efficient, connected, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, technologically empowered, and interfaced with Space & Aeronautics most advanced solutions. Toulouse is at the heart of all these critical competencies. TBS is proud to contribute through its clusters “Artifical Intelligence & Business Analytics” and “Aerospace & Mobility” to the future of transportation. Congrats and gratitude to TBS Bachelor Students and Karine Villeneuve for their support to Automotech

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