AerospaceMBA & TBS ensure learning & training continuity despite Covid-19

As many countries are lockdown, thanks to the upstream preparation of TBS IT department led by Dr. Georges Forn and the anticipation of the AerospaceMBA team, the learning experience continuity has been ensured. With the support of the IT team (Cyril Alinat, Patrick Recoules, Matthias, Armand…), the pedagogical engineers (Guilain, Katia…), the AerospaceMBA has anticipated the unfortunate unability to organize the study tours in Montréal (Aviation Management) and in Casablanca (Aerospace Value Chain). However, Marie Baudoin, Tricia Boby and Julie Gueffier provided the support to Dr. Christophe Bénaroya so as we could reschedule the entire lectures and make sure all industry leaders and faculty would be able to use the digital platforms of the virtual classrooms. Beyond the content delivered, interaction with the faculty and between the Delegates has been possible in a valuable manner. In addition the assignments have been done in a distance way, including the team work and the related oral presentations. A real #Agile #TeamWork!

We’d like to address special thanks the Delegates for their understanding, very active participation! The current batch as well as the previous ‘hub’ batch have been impacted indeed. The latter did their final oral presentations online (both individual projects as well as team projects)! Congratulations for your ability to leave the comfort zone 😉

Team work of the AerospaceMBA team despite the containment

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(edited by Jessica Grandhomme)

Regarding the AerospaceMBA, owing to our international community with the diverse origins of locations, we had no other choice than to anticipate the current situation.

We seize the opportunity here to acknowledge the “fast & furious” good job done during crisis meetings with the management and the diverse administrative teams, the fantastic support of the IT department, of the pedagogical engineers, and all involved departments.

We have been able to perfectly deliver the content towards the AerospaceMBA delegates. In addition, we even welcomed 3 new participants remotely. In spite of all of these conditions, participants have fully enjoyed the diverse lectures they have “attended” and have found that all speakers were professional, managed the interaction very well while delivering a high level and valuable professional content.

This is very encouraging at a moment where both Executive MBA & Aerospace MBA are preparing the future new format of TBS’s MBA offer, partly based on Distance Learning. Many fruitful lessons are being learned from the current situation. One of the major ones: the teleworking of my AerospaceMBA team : Marie Baudoin, Tricia Boby and Julie Gueffier who have successfully given so much effort to ensure the full continuity of the service. #TeamWork #ChangeManagement

Christophe BENAROYA, Director AeroSpace MBA

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