4th Edition of “La Tribune Aeronautic Awards” with the support of TBS, Oct. 13, 2016, Toulouse Airport

Since the creation of the event, TBS has been sponsoring the prestigious “Aeronautic Awards” organized by La Tribune (“Les Trophées de l’Aéronautique”, #TA2016). The last edition took place on Oct. 13th, 2016 in Toulouse Airport.

Many personalities (Nadia Pellefigue, Bernard Keller, Alain di Crescenzo…) and key players of the industry did attend this event (not. Mr. Yann Barbaux, CIO of Airbus, Mr. Christian Dabasse, CEO of Spherea Test & Services, Mr. Jean-Claude Maillard, CEO of Figeac Aero, Mr. Jean-Michel Vernhes, chairman of the executive management board of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, Mr. Nicolas Bonleux, General Manager Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation, Mr Thierry Casale, Senior Vice-President Programs of ATR, Mr. Thierry Mahé, Group Communications Director of Latécoère…).


Mr. Yann Barbaux

Mr. Yann Barbaux, CIO Airbus Commercial

Several prizes have been awarded (Factory of the Future, Innovation, Digital, International, Manager of the Year…). Mr. François Bonvalet said TBS pleasure and pride to sponsor this event. He notably evoked the role of management and leadership training in the aerospace ecosystem, referring explicitely to the Aerospace MBA program. He pointed out the interest for the aerospace organizations to think of internships/corporate missions and of team projects for the #AerospaceMBA Delegates. He highlighted that 26% of ToulouseBS graduates are working in the aerospace industry. He announced the coming recruitment of 14 new faculty (including two with an aerospace profile). Eventually he awarded Mr. Ludovic Asquini, President of Nexteam Group as “Best Manager of the Year”.


#TA2016 Ludovic Asquini, président de Nexteam Group, lauréat du prix Manageur de l'année, avec François Bonvalet directeur de Toulouse Business School, grand parrain de cette soirée, et Nadia Pellefigue, vice-présidente en charge du Développement économique, de la recherche, de l'innovation et de l'enseignement supérieur du Conseil régional Occitanie ©Rémi Benoit (Crédits : Rémi Benoit)

Ludovic Asquini, President of Nexteam Group, awarded as Best Manager of the Year, with François Bonvalet Dean of Toulouse Business School, Major sponsor of the even, and Nadia Pellefigue, VP in charge of Economic Development, Research, Innovation and Higher Education in Occitanie ©Rémi Benoit (Crédits : Rémi Benoit)

TBS & Aerospace MBA (Dr. Christophe Bénaroya, Paul Lauriac, François Bonvalet, Dr. Cordula Barzantny)  duly attended this event where several Delegates of the current cohorts and Aerospace MBA Alumni met up.

MBA Aerospacers of the current and former cohort

MBA Aerospacers of the current and former cohort



Launching the TBS Aerospace MBA airline in Hall A, Toulouse Airport?

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