Developing Responsible Change Leaders

In such a economic and permanently changing environment, Aerospace companies need responsible learders to anticipate, find innovative solutions and make decisions in a more than uncertain globalised world. To answer such needs, Toulouse Business School has created the Aerospace MBA.

After the successful launch of its Full Time (12 months) Aerospace MBA in 1999 (fully delivered in Toulouse), Toulouse Business School has launched in 2005 a Part Time version of the Program (2 years, 4 sessions).

The Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA program is focused on processes with a strong strategic orientation. It deliberately adopts inter- and trans-disciplinary views to prepare participants to face the challenge business world of tomorrow with specific reference to the Aerospace MBA environment.

About the program

Our mission:

  • Develop individuals with high-level executive skills for management and leadership, who will become strategy accelerators and change leaders ina customer-driven global network, all the while being responsible for transmitting high standards and values to their teams.

Our objectives are to:

  • Gather individuals (delegates and contributors) from the different sectors of the aerospace industry so that they share their experience and expertise.
  • Develop and deploy a global and international network of future leaders
The results in responsible decision makers belonging to an international network, able to lead and implement the needed changes to enable their company to cope with the current and future challenges.

“Nowhere else in the world could you find such a large number of origins and cultures and so many manufacturers, airlines, service companies, electronics businesses and research organizations, all connected in some way to the aerospace sector. That’s why we attract high-calibre students from all over the world eager to join the program.”

Christophe BENAROYA, Director